The rising popularity of the free online backgammon is seen in the increasing number of players who are registering themselves online and challenging their opponents to a game at any given point in andkon. The attraction for the game seems to lie in the fact that the game requires skill and strategy and is seen as a great challenge to the brain. The Internet has also made it possible for a large number of players to enter the arena at their own time and pace.

The thrill of free online backgammon is not diminished by the fact that it is online. The game continues to give the player the feeling of playing on a real board. You can enjoy playing it for fun or for money. You can invite a live opponent or a computer to play with you!

So if every one can play the game for free, what is this about paid and free online backgammon? What is the difference? What extra features do you get when you pay and what do you miss when you ask to play for free?

Free online backgammon is offered by many websites and the most popular ones are YAHOO and MSN. In these sites the user can invite their friends to a game or pit their wits against the computer. Free online backgammon rooms can be created based on the skill level of the player. You can chat while you play in some free games. In free backgammon, however, you cannot make these rooms exclusive. You cannot assign passwords and authorize users who can enter. It is open to anyone who wishes to participate in the game.

If you want to play for money, the free online backgammon is not the best way to play. Your credit card information could be compromised. So if you are planning to play for money, it may be better if you play on a site that is designed to offer you all the necessary security for your crucial personal information and also allows you to create leagues of players who have exclusive entry to your backgammon room.

Free online backgammon games can be downloaded to your computer while you practice and perfect your game. The first level of game offered is for beginners and intermediate players.

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