Top New & Trending Muslim Names in Pakistan 2018

Celebrate the birth of new born baby with smiles and laughter. No wonder addition of new member in the family fills the hearts with happiness and love. Proud parents thanks Allah Almighty on this blessing and announce the birth to their family.

Giving a suitable Islamic name to the baby is the dream of every parent. Lot of brainstorming has been done even before the birth of the child. Suggestions keep pouring in from aunt, uncle, grandparents of the new born and some Muslim names are even short listed.

However, there are parents who still wait till the birth of the child to think about the unique Islamic names. There is abundance of options to search suitable Islamic names online. You can get plenty of Muslim names with their meanings and origin details online.

HamariWeb Baby Name section is one of most searched online platform by parents for relevant suggestion about Muslim Girls Names and Muslim Boys Names. It is one destination to get access to plenty of new and trendy Muslim girl names with meaning, and Muslim boy names with meaning.

In case you have an addition of baby girl in your family and you are confused about what to name her, then explore this platform of HamariWeb to get better suggestions. Some of the most trending and popular Muslim girls’ names are Inayah, Afiya, Kashaf, Alya, Maleeha, and Meerab to name a few. You can access the meaning of these names in English & Urdu languages, along with their origin on our dedicated platform.

Islamic Girls names belonging to Arabic origin and Quranic origin are mostly preferred by Muslim parents. Those who prefer to look for unique and meaningful Muslim girl names with meaning in Urdu based on Islamic history can search here. Names of Prophet’s daughters, wives, sisters, and prominent religious figures are popularly searched. Moreover, Muslim names of girls whose origin is Urdu or Persian are also available for your assistance. Some popular Islamic baby girl names having Persian origin are Anahita, Anooshe, Almas, Afareen, Hareem, and Mahira to name a few. These names are gaining immense popularity and fame in Pakistan.

Similarly, Islamic Boys names having Arabic or Quranic origin are also searched by masses. These names have association with Holy Quran, or Islamic history. Some of the popular Islamic baby boy names are Aabid, Aakif, Aamer, Aasim, Ashhar are some of the popular ones. Some of the popular Muslim boys names from Persian origin that are getting fame in Pakistan are Arish, Ayaz, Feroze, Ferhad, Farzan, Farrokh, are some unique Persian names for boys.

Explore the ocean of Muslim baby names along with its meaning, origin, and popularity graph. Choose the best one that suits your child’s personality.

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